Our philosophy

In ARTIA we pursue the harmony between the Artistic and the Physical training, the Intellectual and Technological competence, adapting them to the contemporary, social sphere.

Our project is the continuation of Music and Talent and Project LUNA , both created in 2012.

Artia embodies three pedagogical spaces: Music, Dance, and Theatre. But we do not teach Art. We teach through Art, through the way artists think and create. We work with the emotions, from the social, to achieve critical thinking.

We consider that experiential learning inside and outside the classroom and the acquisition of new skills are powerful tools to transform our reality, and drive social change. The message in our choreographies, the content in our plays, or the sound of our music compositions: these are the ways to approach the complexities of our times and strengthen the bonds with our communities.

We place value on the power of communication, so we encourage its learning working from the ethos in both the classroom and rehearsals. It will be then, when eventually students will incorporate and reflect all the learnings through the performing arts.

Thus, the Physical education is exercised through the dance, body language, music, movement study, and psychomotor education.

Intellectual education comprising not only the scientific, technical areas of the different subjects and courses, but also all the cerebral pursuits that strengthen the cultural and emotional education of the individual.

The moral education based in positive values such as tolerance, respect, nobility of spirit, self-reliance, and kindness towards our family, community, and the school members.

Social equality as a cross-curricular learning foundation to all our projects in order to encourage critical thinking as a driving force for social change.

Technological education as part of the classic education which pursued the balance between the physical, the intellectual, and the moral. Besides, our school is very aware of the role of technology in nowadays education trends.


To become part of this Performing Arts education project, in any of its fields of specialization (Music, Dance, and Theatre) or any formative stage (Kinder School, Elementary School, Middle School, High School) please find more information at Admissions.