Kinder School

Art in motion

For children aged 3 – 5. Artistic awake.

Artia poses a different system of artistic education with an innovative methodology through performing arts.

Our program involves other cross-cultural competences focused on the development of all skills inner to the human being and in full expansion during the early stages, that is, in children aged 3-5. These development areas are the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive competences.

Art thinking

For students aged 6 – 7.

We are driven by the need of communicating the importance of arts in general, and the performing arts in particular, as a motor of social transformation, their relevant role in the field of neuroscience, the theory of multiple intelligences, and the new studies on brain activity that prove that the practice of arts have a positive impact in other academic disciplines.

We are convinced of the capacity that arts have as transmitters of values such as excellence and hard work, and this is our most solid claim to prove the importance of including their teaching as part of the education to be acquired by both children and young people.

The foundation of this training program is a based on the project MiÓpera, in which our students should present a musical putting into practice all the stage resources needed to that effect (dance, singing, body language, etc.).

Project MiÓpera

MiÓpera will reveal the secrets of the music language, teaching our students harmonies and melodies to the piano. Singing, dancing, drawing, bringing color to art works, and discovering their purpose and aim will teach students values, creativity, and artistic capacities.

We wish to awake the children’s mind the critical thinking so demanded in our nowadays society.

Artia aims to contribute to the social sphere with quality aesthetics and beauty appreciation, investing these powerful values in the youngest members of our future society.

MiÓpera aims to contribute to the long awaited social and cultural change.


To become part of this Performing Arts education project, in any of its fields of specialization (Music, Dance, and Theatre) or any formative stage (Kinder School, Elementary School, Middle School, High School) please find more information at Admissions.