The Performing Arts and Social Equality Music specialization field endow participants with knowledge in theory and harmony, education in ethnography and historiography, and engagement in different music genres, styles, and live performance applications.

Music students in Artia have access to a large variety of academic opportunities open to all ages and musical skills. Our Music program is designed and organized as a holistic study course that places the same value in both artistic development and cultural awareness in our students. An audition test will be required to check the applicant’s level to become an Artia student.

Open to all students, no previous experience needed.

Artia is open to all students and compatible with any elementary studies. The academic objective of this school is to train students for their access to the Degree in Performing Arts, helping them to become artists who are not just excellent and versatile, but professionals who have also explored the conceptual, compositional, and creative processes.

Any student enrolled in other fields of specialization can also take voice or instrument lessons.

Specific goals

• Analyze music trends, works, and methodologies within their historical and social context.

• Apply musical skills to the performance, teaching, composition, or writing competence.

• Understand and incorporate music as essential part of a society founded on equality and fairness.