Contemporary Dance

Students learn to combine their passion for dance studies with their aim to make a positive impact on their communities. The program is based on the solid belief that stage arts are essential part of the social change.

During the study of this field of specialization students will learn in depth all the current trends and techniques of contemporary dance, including the urban styles.

The Contemporary Dance is based on the classic ballet technique, with more freedom of movement. We could define the style of contemporary dance as body and emotion communication and expression in their most pure expression.

The objective of this subject is to grant students the access to the Performing Arts Degree and educate students who are not only technically skilled and versatile, but professionals who have explore the conceptual and creative processes underlying the fields of Music, Dance, and Theatre as art forms.

Working closely with both the School and their peers, students will learn to develop the techniques to understand the force of their body and imagination, and challenge their intellect.

Artia also offers many opportunities for informal interpretation, such as the Student Cabaret production series, in which students will have the opportunity to write, direct, choreograph, compose, and perform works of their choice.