Elementary school

For children aged 8-12, though access to this stage is based on an estimation and will always depend on the students’ level of maturity.

Artia develops a holistic performing arts education, combining the three fields of specialization that shape both Middle and High school: Music, Dance, and Theatre.

Students will work in both English and Spanish, 4 hours each week, the following courses:

    • Choir and Introduction to Singing.
    • Contemporary Dance.
    • Theatre Acting.
    • Creative Processes.
    • Mindful Art.
    • Project.

Students who may want to master a particular instrument will have the choice of furthering their training in the following instrument specialization:
Bowed string instruments, Singing, Struck string instruments, Piano, Percussion, Woodwind instruments and brass Horns, or Rock School.


To become part of this Performing Arts education project, in any of its fields of specialization (Music, Dance, and Theatre) or any formative stage (Kinder School, Elementary School, Middle School, High School) please find more information at Admissions.